"Non-staining antiozonants"

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents and attacks most organic compounds. This includes elastomeric materials where the service life and product quality can be affected by relatively low ozone concentrations. UV radiation (sunlight), electrical discharges (electrical machinery) and air pollution (NOx) all contribute to the production of ozone. The natural ozone concentration varies with local conditions, but overall a clear increase has been observed.

The most important antiozonants are the substituted para-phenylenediamines. A series of substituted para-phenylenediamines is produced by LANXESS under the name Vulkanox and offers effective protection against ozone attack. Para-phenylenediamines, however, cause strong discoloration of the vulcanizates and lead to contact staining, which means that they cannot be used in white or colored rubber products. Vulkazon® AFS is an alternative to staining antiozonants. It is an effective, non-staining antiozonant which protects vulcanizates where color and design play a major role, or where it is essential to avoid any contact staining. Vulkazon® AFS extends the range of colored rubber products and can make a vital contribution in developing new colored products.

Key Properties

- excellent protection against ozone
- no staining or contact staining
- in CR and butyl rubber, Vulkazon is effective even without wax