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How can I find a particular product?
Use the products-section to access all the products currently available via this website. Access the product of your interest by either choosing the Productline, from there you get access to all the product data sheets and the different specs. Otherswise you have the option to find a special product via our applications. In case you might not find what you are looking for just get in touch with us, use the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The new Lanxess organization sperates the old Business Group "Rubber" into four Units (Rubber Chemicals, Technical Rubber Products, Polybutadiene Rubber and Butyl Rubber).
How can I get a Safety Data Sheet for a particular grade?
You can request a Safety Data Sheet on a particular Bayer thermoplastic by giving
  • the full name of the product
  • the country in question
  • your full address with fax no. or your e-mail address
using our mail / contact function.

Customers receive a current Safety Data Sheet with the first delivery or any change.
Which Lanxess Unit offers my requested product ?
Rubber Chemicals (RUC)Technical Rubber Products (TRP)Polybutadien Rubber (PBR)Butyl Rubber (BUR)
Coagulant WSBaymod® NBuna® BLBayer Bromobutyl
Cohedur®Baypren®Buna® CBBayer Butyl
Colloidal Sulfur 95Buna® EPBuna® SLBayer Chlorobutyl
EmulvinKrylene®Buna® VSL 
Latex ChemicalsKrynac®Taktene® 
Vulkanol®Tert. Dodecyl Mercaptan  
Zinkoxyd aktiv®   
Zinc oxide transparent   

Trade and services

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How can I get the address of a Lanxess agency in a particular country?
Wherever you live one of our sales offices is probably close by.

Please click on "Services / Sales Locations" for detailed informations.
What languages are supported?
Right now, the only supported language is english, but we are currently working on a second german-language option that will soon be made available to you.
Where can I choose my region?
Please click on "Language" (upper left), you will get a selection list with your prefered language and region.