LANXESS Polymers and Food Contact in the United States

The Durethan® and Pocan® products listed below are in chemical compliance with the indicated section of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 "Food and Drugs", Part 177 "Indirect Food Additives: Polymers"

21 CFR § 177.1500 "Nylon resins"|| 21 CFR §177.1660 "Poly(tetramethyleneterephthalate)"
Durethan|| Pocan Base ResinPocan Compound
B35F, B35FA, B35FKA
B38F, B38FKA
B40F, B40FA, B40FAM, B40FKA
C38F*, C38FA, C38FAM, C38FKAM, C38FKS
*Durethan C38F and its related derivative products,
C38FKS, C38FAM, C38FKAM and C38FA,
are additionally covered under FCN 1134 with all food types
under conditions of use A through H and J
provided the contact level does not exceed 40 mg/square inch.
 Only natural colored Pocan grades in color 000000 are in chemical
compliance with the FDA-Regulation 21 CFR § 177.1660
"Poly(tetramethylene terephthalate)"
Subject to the limitations of this section and any other applicable regulations.

The above-mentioned grades are not Kosher certified, but we are able to advise that the products are not manufactured with, or otherwise known to contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO) or GMO-derived materials.


may be used as a component of laminate structures that are in compliance with applicable FDA food additive regulations, provided that:

  • the products are not the food-contact layer, and
  • the products are separated from the food by a 2 mil (0.051 mm) thick food-contact layer that is manufactured from material the FDA considers to be an effective functional barrier to migration.

Based on our inquiries to the FDA, examples of effective functional barriers to migration include:

  • aluminum foils
  • polyethyenes complying with 177.1520
  • polypropylenes complying with 177.1520
  • blends of complying poly-ethylene and polypropylene

There may also be other materials that have been determined to be effective barriers to migration. However, the FDA has not published a definitive list of such "barrier materials".

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