Audi - All-Plastic Oil Module in Durethan® Nylon 66

All-Plastic Oil Module Made of Durethan Nylon 66
SupplierMann+Hummel, Ludwigsburg
With the development of this component, the very first all-plastic oil module entered series production. Integrated in the module are the:

  • crankcase ventilation
  • oil filter housing and screw-on cap
  • oil cooler
  • flow control valves

Fully incinerable paper filters are now state-of-the-art and are also used here. The special feature of this part is its integrated oil cooling. This requires a connection to the cooling-water circuit, which means that the stringent requirements on resistance to cooling media must be fulfilled. The oil module is made of Durethan® AKV 35 H2.0 (PA 66 GF35 heat-stabilized) which also satisfies the strict requirements for dimensional stability.

The part received the SPE 2003 Innovation Award.

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