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Durethan DPBKV240 and Tepex for airbag housing
Durethan BKV215 for window surround
Durethan BKV50H2.0EF for mirror baseplate
Pocan TS3220 for bumper
Durethan BKV30H2.0 for brake pedal in polyamide composite sheet hybrid technology
Pocan B3233HR for motor-gear-unit housing of automated parking brake systems (APB)
Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF - gear box oil pan - extremely flat, yet very stiff
Durethan AKV35H2.0 - engine oil pan
Pocan B4235 - Booster module for start-stop systems
Durethan DPBM65XFM30 achieves Hazard Level 3

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