How to use the Product Search Tool

The new Product Search Tool makes finding the correct LANXESS grades even easier!

Product Search

This tool can help you search for Durethan® and Pocan® grades using the following options:

- polymer class
- processing method
- filler type
- product properties

Selecting one or more check boxes narrows the list of matching products. The resulting number of grades is shown in the heading and will link to the results page when double-clicked.

Basic principles: 
Check boxes can be selected in any order 
Boxes are dynamically “greyed out” to exclude invalid combinations 
Logic operations: 
product classsingle selection (= OR search)
processing methodsingle selection (= OR search)
filler typesingle selection (= OR search)
product propertiesmultiple selection (= AND search)
between categoriesmultiple selection (= AND search)
number of available products: nn go to results pagedisplays the results within a categorized list
form resetempty all check boxes, back to initial setting
backreturn from results page to previous query