Data sheet

Durethan AKV30XTS2 901510

PA 66, 30% glass fibers, injection molding, heat-aging stabilized, high temperature stabilized, improved surface finish
ISO Shortname:  ISO 16396-PA 66+PA 6I,GF30,GHR,S14-100
PropertyTest ConditionUnitStandardguide value
Rheological properties
CMolding shrinkage, parallel60x60x2%ISO 294-40.35
CMolding shrinkage, transverse60x60x2%ISO 294-40.7
Post- shrinkage, parallel60x60x2%ISO 294-40.1
Post- shrinkage, transverse60x60x2%ISO 294-40.18

Mechanical properties (23 °C/50 % r. h.)
CTensile modulus1 mm/minMPaISO 527-1,-2100006500
CTensile Stress at break5 mm/minMPaISO 527-1,-2190120
CTensile Strain at break5 mm/min%ISO 527-1,-237.5
CCharpy impact strength23 °CkJ/m²ISO 179-1eU6095
CCharpy impact strength-30 °CkJ/m²ISO 179-1eU5045
CCharpy notched impact strength23 °CkJ/m²ISO 179-1eA<1012
CCharpy notched impact strength-30 °CkJ/m²ISO 179-1eA<10<10
Izod impact strength23 °CkJ/m²ISO 180-1U5075
Izod impact strength-30 °CkJ/m²ISO 180-1U5050
Izod notched impact strength23 °CkJ/m²ISO 180-1A<1012
Flexural modulus2 mm/minMPaISO 178-A95006500
Flexural strength2 mm/minMPaISO 178-A280195
Flexural strain at flexural strength2 mm/min%ISO 178-A3.86.5
Flexural stress at 3.5 % strain2 mm/minMPaISO 178-A270160
CPuncture maximum force23 °CNISO 6603-2750920
CPuncture maximum force-30 °CNISO 6603-2700715
CPuncture energy23 °CJISO 6603-22.43.8
CPuncture energy-30 °CJISO 6603-22.22.1
Ball indentation hardnessN/mm²ISO 2039-1225

Thermal properties
CMelting temperature10 °C/min°CISO 11357-1,-3260
CTemperature of deflection under load1.80 MPa°CISO 75-1,-2235
CTemperature of deflection under load0.45 MPa°CISO 75-1,-2250
Vicat softening temperature50 N; 120 °C/h°CISO 306235
CCoefficient of linear thermal expansion, parallel23 to 55 °C10-4/KISO 11359-1,-20.23
CCoefficient of linear thermal expansion, transverse23 to 55 °C10-4/KISO 11359-1,-20.9

Electrical properties (23 °C/50 % r. h.)
CComparative tracking index CTISolution ARatingIEC 60112600

Other properties (23 °C)
CWater absorption (Saturation value)Water at 23 °C%ISO 626.3
CDensitykg/m³ISO 11831380

Processing conditions for test specimens
CInjection molding-Melt temperature°CISO 294290
CInjection molding-Mold temperature°CISO 29480

Processing recommendations
Drying temperature dry air dryer°C -80
Drying time dry air dryerh -2-6
Residual moisture content%Acc. to Karl Fischer 0.03-0.12
Melt temperature (Tmin - Tmax)°C -270-290
admissible residence time at Tmaxmin -<5
Mold temperature°C -80-100
CThese property characteristics are taken from the CAMPUS plastics data bank and are based on the international catalogue of basic data for plastics according to ISO 10350.
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Color and Visual Effects
Type and quantity of pigments or additives used to obtain certain colors and special visual effects can affect mechanical properties.
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