Pocan DPT7140LDS for RFID transponder – three-dimensional antenna using LDS technology

OEMHarting Mitronics AG, Switzerland
With the aid of Laser Direct Structuring (LDS), Harting Mitronics AG has succeeded in developing a new generation of transponders with a much greater performance and range. Pocan® DPT7140LDS is used to manufacture the threedimensional plastic carrier, also known as a molded interconnect device (MID).

Pocan® is noted for its excellent electrical and mechanical properties and is therefore a popular material for use in electrical and electronic components.

Pocan® DPT7140LDS is suitable not only for the LDS process, but because of its high heat deflection temperature, it can also withstand the temperatures prevailing in lead-free reflow and vapor-phase soldering.

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Pocan DPT7140LDS for RFID transponder
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