The electrified power train - Hightech plastics quicken the future

With regard to shortening resources and raising requirements for climate protection a trend to increase electromobility can be observed. With LANXESS innovative plastics we already today, help to make cars lighter and therefore more environmental friendly.


When electrifying the power train light weight design gains even more importance. It will be one key factor for electromobility.

Additionally, new components will find its way into cars. Peripherally to battery systems, power electronics an electrical motor, plastics have to face new challenges to enable highly integrative and cost efficient solutions.

LANXESS is working on such plastics solutions for sustainable mobility and supports you in every step of the development process.

Our High-tech plastics Durethan® and Pocan® as well as Tepex® Composite Sheets

disclose new views on design and structures for “Green Mobility”.

Light weight designFRAuto EE
Lightweight DesignFlame Retardancy - FRAutomotive EE

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