Glass Fiber

LANXESS is one of the leading manufacturers of engineering thermoplastics.
Besides production plants for polymer base resins, their monomers as well as their compounds and blends, LANXESS runs a glass fiber production in Antwerp (Belgium).

In addition to state-of-the-art technology regarding manufacturing and environmental protection we run research and development plus technical service departments located at the production site as well as at our headquarters in Germany.

The LANXESS Antwerp plant produces exclusively E-glass fibers. This glass is defined by DIN 1259 as an aluminum borosilicate glass with an alkali content of less than 2 % by weight.

The use of glass fibers as reinforcement in thermoplastic polymers like polyamides, polyesters or polypropylene yields materials with very attractive properties. Glass fiber containing thermoplastic compounds show high strength and stiffness while maintaining a high level of impact strength. Combined with their low specific weight, ease of processing and tailor-made properties, these materials find widespread use in automotive applications and household / electronic appliances.

Our range of glass fibers comprises a broad spectrum of grades which differ with respect to the type of size used (surface treatment), and their form (i.e. fiber diameter, strand length, etc.).

LANXESS glass fibers for the reinforcement of thermoplastics, polyurethanes and thermosets are supplied in different forms for specific purposes. The two basic forms "Chopped strands" (CS) and "Milled fibers" (MF)are available.

Chopped Strands
Grade         Ø [µm] Length [mm] Properties  PolymerData MSDS
CS 7917
144.5Standard, new version with higher chop integrity PAopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7928114.5Improved mechanical strength, high strand integrity PAopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7929144.5High mechanical strength in a wide range of PA grades, high strand integrity PAopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7938113Standard, good dispersibility Thermoset
(UP, EP, PF)
open pdfopen pdf
CS 7942144.5Standard, good strand integrity PCopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7952
144.5excellent mechanical strength in standard & impact modified PP grades, good fiber integrity, developed for applications that require brilliant whiteness PPopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7967 D
104.5Standard, new densified version, good mechanical strength, good resistance to hydrolysis, good strand integrity PBT, PETopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7967 FC104.5Food contact grade, all sizing ingredients listed in EU/10/2011, excellent mechanical strength, high strand integrity, densified PBT, PETopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7968114.5High mechanical strength, good mechanical strength, good resistance to hydrolysis, good strand integrity PBTopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7974134.5specialty for PA 12, high mechanical strength
 PAopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7979104.5High mechanical strength, high strand integrity,
low mould plate out
 PPSopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7993 D134.5Food Contact Type for PA and others, all sizing ingredients listed on positive list of 2002/72/EC PA, othersopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7994114.5Food Contact Grade for different polymer systems. All sizing ingredients listed in EC/10/2011. PA, othersopen pdfopen pdf
CS 7997 D104.5High mechanical strength, high resistance to hydrolysis PAopen pdfopen pdf
Milled Fiber
GradeØ [µm]Length [µm]Properties PolymerDataMSDS
MF 790414~ 50No sizing PTFEopen pdfopen pdf
MF 798014~ 190No sizing PUR-RRIM, PCopen pdfopen pdf
MF 798214~ 210Sized PUR-RRIM,
open pdfopen pdf
MF 7982
14~ 150Sized PA, PPopen pdfopen pdf
MF 798616~ 220Sized PA, PPöffne pdf (EN)open pdf
Further (special) products and safety data sheets are available on requestE-mail request
Additional information
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Product Information Milled Fiberbrochure open pdf
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Glass Fiber portfoliooverview open pdf
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