International Material Data System (IMDS)

The IMDS is a material data system devised by the automotive industry. It has been developed jointly by
Audi, BMW, Daimler AG, Ford, Opel, Porsche, VW and Volvo.
Many other well-known automotive companies are also involved in the scheme.

In the IMDS system, all the materials used in automotive engineering and the substances they contain are archived and maintained in the form of "data sheets".
These IMDS data allow members of the automotive industry to check the material composition of any component used in automotive construction.
The Material Data System also provides all the information that is needed to comply with national and international standards, legislation and regulations (e.g. the Used Car Ordinance).

As a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic materials for the automotive industry, LANXESS has prepared "data sheets" for inclusion in the IMDS.

The LANXESS company ID is: 37010

IMDS data relating to our plastics are drawn up on the basis of the GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List; its current version) and the IMDS recommendation 001. The VDA 232-101 is the correspondend German version of GADSL.

The IMDS data are not "published" and are therefore not generally available to all participants in the IMDS, but they are made available to individual customers on request (= “Proposal” mode).

To ensure a speedy response you should provide the following exemplified details about the product you wish to access:

Your IMDS IDPlease add your company ID
Product nameDurethan
Product gradeBKV30H2.0
Color901510 (LANXESS color code of the delivered resin)

In case you (re-)color the resin delivered by LANXESS by using a masterbatch or colorant yourself, please notice that you will only get an IMDS entry for the originally delivered material/color combination!

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