Durethan and Pocan ECO grades

As environmental awareness grows, and the necessity of recycling valuable raw materials is recognized, thermoplastics containing a proportion of recycled material are increasingly in demand as sustainable materials.

LANXESS is responding to this trend by supplying recyclate grades in the form of its Durethan® ECO and Pocan® ECO ranges.

ECOBKV20FN20PA 6 GF20 FR        contains pre-consumer recyclate
ECOT3215(PBT+PET) GF15        contains post-consumer recyclate
ECOT3220(PBT+PET) GF20        contains post-consumer recyclate
ECOT3230(PBT+PET) GF30        contains post-consumer recyclate
ECOT3240(PBT+PET) GF45        contains post-consumer recyclate
ECOT7142(PET+PBT) (GF+MD)40        contains post-consumer recyclate

Durethan ECOBKV20FN20 is a flame-retardant thermoplastics reinforced with 20% glass fiber respectively. Pre-consumer recyclate is used in their production.

The polyester blend series Pocan ECOT contains a specially recycled post-consumer PET. This makes it possible to produce premium finished parts, such as white goods, whose properties and quality are very close to those of virgin material.
Pocan EC 32xx can be produced in a broad spectrum of colors.

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