The name "FEMPipe" stands for a web based calculation service offered by LANXESS Deutschland GmbH to design pressure-loaded pipelines, tanks, vessels and housings made from LANXESS thermoplastics.
The program is based on the Finite-Element-Method (FEM) and allows quick and easy evaluation of above mentioned applications when analytical methods are insufficient or impractical.

FEMPipe is available after a _Business partner login which requires a one-time _registration.
Calculation results and recommendations are immediately delivered via email to the user.

Following please find examples for some FEMPipe calculations:
_Example D-Pipe
_Example E-Pipe
_Example R-Pipe

Calculation tools for several gometries

FEMPipe is self-explaining and needs no instructions. Nevertheless, as a help for using FEMSnap a _quick guide as well as a _manual (pdf) is available.

After login you will find comprehensive information concerning that subject at our technical publication:
_Plastic pressure vessels.

In case of any question regarding the program or the results please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.