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HiAnt is a commitment to our customers, but also to ourselves.
We constantly strive to work on innovations that ensure success for our customers and enhance our leading position in materials, processes and technologies.

The development of high-end applications requires specialized expertise and special efforts from all involved. High-end applications require innovative solutions.

HiAnt Material Development:
Tailored material to satisfy demanding customer requirements.
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HiAnt Concept Development:
Leadership in lightweight technology to drive evolutions.
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HiAnt Computer Aided Engineering:
Top-notch simulation methods for exact prediction of component performance.
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HiAnt Part Testing:
State-of-the-art testing facilities for practice-oriented component qualification.
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HiAnt Processing:
Development of material-process combinations to enable new applications.
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One example for practicing HiAnt is gaining leadership in hybrid technology and its evolution, with e.g. Bond-Laminates' Tepex® composite sheets.

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