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The increased demands on chip housing materials made it necessary to develop new materials that take additional factors into account such as exposure to high temperatures.

Improvements are required particularly in terms of:

- Light reflection
- Solderability
- Thermal aging and photoaging
- Processability

In these areas, PCT and PCT blends demonstrate their strengths, such as:

- Lead-free soldering at temperatures between 240 and 280 °C
- Good flowability

  Significantly greater than 90% reflection at 450 nm

  High stability on exposure to high temperatures and UV light

data sheetPocan TP555-911PCT (GF+MD)55
data sheetPocan TP555-912PCT MD50
data sheetPocan TP555-991PCT+PET (GF+MD)55
data sheetPocan TP555-992PCT+PET MD50