Pocan XHR grades

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In the third generation of our Pocan HR grades, XHR (eXtreme Hhydrolysis-Resistant) stands for improved or extended hydrolysis resistance in several respects.

The new PBT product range Pocan XHR is proving a practical all-rounder regarding

- Benefits for thermal shock stresses
- Excellent long-term temperature stability; high elongation at break
- Improved chemical resistance, e.g. for use in suspension applications
- Flame-retardant variants added to XHR product range

The following grades are currently available:

goto Link intB1205XHRPBT, non-reinforced                                                                 technical data sheet
goto Link intB3216XHRPBT, 16% glass fibers, improved impact strength technical data sheet
goto Link intB3233XHRPBT, 30% glass fibers, improved flowability technical data sheet

Flame-retardant XHR compounds soon to be launched

In response to requests from customers, LANXESS is currently adding more flame-retardant compounds to the XHR product range. They are particularly well suited to live components in hot and humid conditions, which have to exhibit excellent hydrolysis stability and fire resistance at the same time.
The flame-retardant compounds are reinforced with glass fibers (GF15, GF25, GF30). An unreinforced version of the product will also be available. All materials are equipped with a halogenated flame-retardant package and achieve the top classification of V-0 with low specimen thicknesses according to flammability tests in line with US standard UL 94 (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.). This classification is required for many plastic components in batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles, for example.

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