Extrusion Blow Molding - Product Portfolio

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LANXESS has been consistently expanding its portfolio of polyamide 6 and 66 grades for extrusion blow molding applications over recent years.

The company’s aim is to offer cost-effective alternatives to metal and more expensive thermoplastics for the production of media hoses designed to transport air, oil and coolant in the engine compartment, as well as reservoirs or tanks with excellent barrier properties.

Range of non-reinforced Durethan extrusion blow molding grades:
BC550Z DUSXBLPA 6high impact, heat stabilizedmore info
BC700HTS DUSXBLPA 6 Copolymerhigh impact, low stiffness, heat stabilizedmore info
Range of reinforced Durethan extrusion blow molding grades:
AKV320ZH2.0PA 66 GF20impact modified, heat stabilizedmore info
AKV325H2.0PA 66 GF25hydrolysis stabilized, heat stabilizedmore info
BKV315ZH2.0PA 6 GF15impact modified, heat stabilizedmore info
BKV320ZH2.0PA 6 GF20impact modified, heat stabilizedmore info
BKV325ZH2.0PA 6 GF25impact modified, heat stabilizedmore info
all Durethan extrusion (blow molding) gradesmore