Polyamides for coolant pipes in GIT / WIT (gas / water injection technology)

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Increasingly, coolant pipes are being made of plastics. LANXESS has developed materials featuring enhanced hydrolysis resistance for withstanding the aggressive water glycol mixtures, as well as high surface quality and good processability for GIT and WIT.

WIT applicationsGIT applications
WIT coolant pipe BMWGIT coolant pipe Toyota

Advantages over metal coolant pipes

  • Feasibility of complex one-piece geometries, i.e. significant cost reduction
  • Weight reduction
  • Corrosion resistance against water/glycol
  • Integration potential: depending on the package situation a coolant pipe could be integrated, e.g. in a filter module.

Compared to injection molding more complex geometries are possible, using relatively simple tools; compared to blow molding branches are feasible, that otherwise needed to be welded on.

Special advantages of WIT

  • Cycle time reduction of up to 70% depending on geometry
  • Feasibility of larger cross sections
  • More even and smaller wall thicknesses