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Technical Information
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Water Absorption and Storage Stability (shelf life) of Durethan and Pocan
Shear strength of representative LANXESS thermoplastics
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Tepex - Information for processors (brochure)
Reference Data: Film, Extrusion, Base Resins (brochure)
Dados de referência: Grades de Filme e Extrusão (brochure - portuguese version)
Datos de referencia: Grados de extrusión y films (brochure - spanish version)
Reference Data: Film and Extrusion Grades (brochure - Russian version)
Durethan Injection Molding Grades; Product Range with Reference Data (brochure)
Tepex - Advanced thermoplastic composites (brochure)
Product range with reference data - PA and PBT for flame retardant applications (brochure)
High-Tech Thermoplastics for the E&E Industry (brochure)
Overview Applications with Flame Retardance (brochure)
LANXESS Glass Fiber portfolio (brochure)
High-tech thermoplastics for future mobility (brochure)
Pocan HR – Improved Hydrolysis Resistance (brochure)
Engineering materials for exterior body parts (brochure)
EF, XF and high-modulus product lines: Easy-flow and high-strength (brochure)
Solutions for LED applications (brochure)
High-tech plastics under the hood (brochure)
Lightweight design – with high-tech plastics for "green mobility" (brochure)
High-tech polyamides for blow-molded parts (brochure)
LANXESS Milled Fiber (brochure)
Processing data for the injection molder (brochure)
Pocan; Product range with reference data (brochure)
Pocan - tailor-made products for Laser Direct Structuring (brochure)
Other literature
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Durethan XTS
Laser Direct Structuring
Products for LED and lighting applications
Easy-flow and extreme-flow grades
Flame-retardant products - A halogen-free future
Glass Fiber
Lightweight design – with high-tech plastics for "green mobility"
Lightweight Design reduces the energy consumption of electric cars
E-Mobilität - Flame Retardancy FR
E-Mobilität - Automotive EE
Highly reinforced (high-modulus) grades for the substitution of metals
Extrusion Blow Molding - Press and Literature
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