Durethan® BKV 315 Z suitable for thermoformable sheets

OEMSustaplast KG, Lahnstein
SupplierAdlf Illing Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG, Heilbronn
For the very first time, it is now possible to obtain thermo-formable semi-finished product in sheet form that is made of polyamide 6, namely of Durethan® BKV 315 Z H2.0. Sustaplast KG markets this sheet under the trade name Sustavacu®. These semi-finished products with their balanced properties are now occupying a further niche for high-performance materials. The extrudability of the sheet and, more especially, its thermoformability (including forming in general) is improved by the high structural viscosity of the glass fiber reinforced, impact-modified polyamide. The thermoforming molds are easy to manufacture, and hence the thermoformed parts are inexpensive, particularly when only a small number of articles are to be produced.

Adolf Illig Maschinenbau, a company that manufac­tures thermoforming machines, displayed great interest in the new semi-finished products and proceeded to thermoform the body model of a sports car on a UA 100 g thermo-forming machine in 3 and 6 mm-thick sheet by way of a trial. The material's ease of processing, together with its mecha­nical properties, its high reproduction accuracy and the appealing surface finish on the component proved to be so convincing that Adolf Illig has now included Sustavacu® semi-finished products in Durethan® BKV 315 Z on its list of recommended thermoformable materials. The new generation of semi-finished products can be exposed to high continuous service temperatures of up to 140 °C short time up to 170 °C. The stiffness, strength, toughness and chemical resistance of Durethan® BKV 315 Z are scarcely affected by this. Sustaplast supplies its Sustavacu® PA 6 sheet in gauges of 2 to 6 mm in the color black.

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