Tepex - thermoplastic composites

Tepex® is a high performance composite laminate system made with thermoplastic polymers. The innovative combination of continuous reinforcing fibers with thermoplastic polymers results in exceptionally high strength and rigidity, coupled with extremely low weight.

Tepex enables cost-effective parts fabrication processes suitable for mass-production, especially in combination with injection molding. Due to its versatility and outstanding property profile, Tepex addresses the megatrends of our time: green mobility, individual properties and design, enhanced safety and durability as well as sustainable solutions for the protection of resources and the environment. Whenever lightweight design, stiffness and strength, fatigue resistance, energy absorption and functional integration are required in high volume, Tepex is the material of choice.

Tepex is an innovative material system ready for customization to address application specific requirements and properties in a broad variety of applications and industries. In order to select the best-fit Tepex material system and customize it for a specific application requirement, material and application development experts of Bond-Laminates and LANXESS closely cooperate with our customers – and of course ensure that customer specific intellectual property stays protected.

Below product families are available:
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