Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SSBR)

SSBR claer and oil

The Lanxess Buna VSL portfolio offers solution styrene-butadiene rubbers that have different styrene and vinyl levels combined with varying Mooney viscosities. In contrast to emulsion SBR the molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, microstructure and branching can be controlled to produce polymers that offer improved end properties.

 Solution SBREmulsion SBR
styrene level (%)15 - 4023 - 40
vinyl level (%)7 - 5515 - 20
styrene distributionblock or randomrandom
fatty acid (max%)0,56
molecular weightcontrolled 
mol. weight distributionnarrowbroad
long chain branchingslightappreciable

Solution SBRs are gradually replacing emulsion SBRs for special applications and particularly for summer and winter tire treads and low rolling resistance tires especially in the high performance sector. It is sometimes blended with NR, BR or emulsion SBR to improve the properties of the final product.
As a component in the polymer blend of car tire treads, grip and rolling resistance will be enhanced by controlling the Tg and shape of the tan delta curve.

Provided that the compounds are formulated and processed correctly, the vulcanizates have good resistance to reversion. The low temperature flexibility, resilience and abrasion resistance depend on the polymer's styrene and vinyl content.

oil extended grades

Namestyrene (%)vinyl (%)ML1+4oil (type)oil (phr)Tg (°C)TDSMSDS
Buna VSL 4526-22644,550TDAE37,5-30TDSMSDS
Buna VSL 5025-2 HM255062TDAE37,5-29TDSMSDS
Buna VSL 4526-2 HM2644,562TDAE37,5-30TDSMSDS
Buna VSL 5228-2285250TDAE37,5-20TDSMSDS
Buna VSL 2538-2382550TDAE37,5-31TDSMSDS
Buna VSL 2438-2 HM382480TDAE37,5-32TDSMSDS
Buna VSL VP PBR 4058*383080TDAE37,5-26TDS
        *trial product

The values given are typical values and might vary from time to time..

Key Properties

- good resistance to reversion
- improved wet grip
- low hysteresis
- good resilience
- good abrasion resistance

Food contact

Information concerning FDA and BfR compliance can be obtained on request from the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Department (HSEQ) of Lanxess.

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