Durethan® and Pocan®

The High Performance Materials (HPM) business unit is one of
the leading suppliers of high-tech plastics for the automotive and electronic industries.
The name reflects the numerous advantages our product portfolio provides to you as our customers. One example is
high-tech plastics that lower the weight of automotive parts leading to increased fuel efficiency.

With HiAnt® we invite you to learn about our high-performance Durethan® (PA 6, PA 66) and Pocan® (PBT, PET) thermoplastic resins,
and how we can support you in developing your innovative,
new products.

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Durethan DP 1801/30 for seat bucket and back (railroad applications)

2014, Oct 14 to 18 | Friedrichshafen fair | Hall B4-4209

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High Performance Materials products

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Durethan, Pocan and Tepex

Pocan for LED & lighting applications

Special grades with high reflectivity

Durethan XTS

Special Durethan grades with high-temperature stabilization

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Škoda - full plastic frontend

Front end carrier made entirely of highly reinforced polyamide 6 with 60 percent glass fibers.

Main Topic: High-Tech Plastics

Innovative materials for a modern life -
high-tech plastics have a great future.

Main Topic: Green mobility

Enabling the mobility of the future - the increasing level of global mobility requires new, sustainable solutions.

Composite sheets

Bond-Laminates - competent partner for advanced thermoplastic composite laminates

Hybrid Technology - also using nylon composite sheet

Light weight solutions for the automotive industry.

Metal Replacement

Highly reinforced (high-modulus) products for the substitution of metals and plastics specialities.