Durethan® and Pocan®

The High Performance Materials (HPM) business unit is one of
the leading suppliers of high-tech plastics for the automotive and electronic industries.
The name reflects the numerous advantages our product portfolio provides to you as our customers. One example is
high-tech plastics that lower the weight of automotive parts leading to increased fuel efficiency.

With HiAnt® we invite you to learn about our high-performance Durethan® (PA 6, PA 66) and Pocan® (PBT, PET) thermoplastic resins,
and how we can support you in developing your innovative,
new products.

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Durethan BKV 30 H2.0 EF - frontend produced by hybrid technology with nylon composite sheet

2014, Dec 02 & 03 | Aachen - Germany | IIMC

is inviting to the International Injection Moulding Conference at the Hotel Aachen Pullman Quellenhof.
15 presentations will be held in English language by experts from industry and research.
LANXESS, Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Knaup will present: "Mass production of thermoplastic composite hybrids: one shot moulding using Tepex today and RIM-PA6 tomorrow"

Easy-flow and high-strength

New brochure EF, XF and high-modulus product lines

EasyFlow and XtremeFlow grades

Lower wall thicknesses and shorter cycle times with increased flowability.

Processing data for the injection molder

Update 2014, September now available

Pocan for LED & lighting applications

Special grades with high reflectivity

Durethan XTS

Special Durethan grades with high-temperature stabilization

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