Plastic/Metal Hybrid - Front Ends in New BMW Models

Front Ends in New BMW Models Made With Plastic/Metal Hybrid Technology
SupplierFaurecia Kunststoffe Automobilsysteme GmbH, Ingolstadt; BMW Eigenfertigung, Landshut
With the startup of production for the new models in its 1, 3 and X3 series, BMW began using front end supports produced by hybrid technology in series production for the very first time.

Three pre-formed pieces of steel sheet are permanently joined together by injection molding using the LANXESS polymer, Durethan® BKV 30 H2.0. This gives rise to a friction and positive-fit joint and provides a system of plastic ribs for stabilization. A dimensionally-stable support structure is thus obtained, with a high load-bearing capacity, which considerably facilitates the assembly of the many parts that are mounted on the front section. The welding operation formerly required for joining the sheets is now no longer necessary.

Hybrid technology can be used, for example, to incorporate bearing points for the hood lock, hood cushioning, headlamps, bumper shell, radiator tank, cooling unit and cable ducts.

Reasons for using this technology and material included:

  • High level of integration of functional elements
  • High strength, with a low weight
  • High part precision during production
  • High dimensional stability over all temperature and load ranges
  • Improved joint appearance
  • Lower investment in equipment and assembly

Using this technology allowed BMW to reduce the number of individual parts and, at the same time, enhance the product quality of its new models.

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