Durethan® and Pocan®

The High Performance Materials (HPM) business unit is one of
the leading suppliers of Engineering Plastics for the automotive and electronic industries.
The name reflects the numerous advantages our product portfolio provides to you as our customers.
One example is Engineering Plastics that lower the weight of automotive parts leading to increased fuel efficiency.

We invite you to discover our high-performance Durethan® (PA6, PA66) and Pocan® (PBT, PBT blends) thermoplastic resins. Get to know how we can considerably support you from component concept until production.

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Technical information about Durethan, Pocan, Glass Fiber and Tepex is not yet available in full via the LANXESS corporate website ( Please prefer the direct path to TechCenter High Performance Materials using


Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF - spare wheel well provides reinforcement to the body structure


Electric push for lots of driving fun

Tepex composite from LANXESS used to create ultra-thin and lightweight electric skateboards


Think big – large-format plastic housings for high-voltage batteries of electric vehicles

Research cooperation between Kautex Textron and LANXESS


Lightweight bracket for firm clamping

New battery bracket with thermoplastic composite design made from LANXESS’ Tepex


Secure connections in numerous colors

Connectors made from LANXESS polyamide 6 for cable harnesses in electric vehicles


LANXESS at the Battery Show Europe 2021

High-tech thermoplastics for electromobility


LANXESS to expand high-tech plastics production in China

Durethan and Pocan - Capacity expansion by 30,000 metric tons


New dye from LANXESS increases safety under the hood

New, bright RAL 2003 orange for high-voltage components in electric vehicles


LANXESS' High Performance Materials business unit to become legally independent

New structure for best possible growth opportunities in the high-performance plastics business


Sustainably produced cyclohexane

bp and LANXESS join forces on renewable raw materials for plastics production


LANXESS launches sustainable high-performance plastic

Polyamide 6 compound made from 92% sustainable raw materials


New sustainable plastics for the circular economy

100 percent bio-based material made from polylactic acid and flax fabrics


Designed for short cycle times

New unreinforced polyamide 6 compound with outstanding flame resistance


Lightweight load compartment well for luxury sedans

Precision forming of the large-format composite insert


Letting the engine breathe properly

Swirl control actuator housing made from PBT


LANXESS launches hollow-profile hybrid technology

Innovative tolerance management for profiles with varying dimensions


LANXESS expands customer service for the electrical and electronics industry

Application-focused experimental mold developed


High performance plastics grade for production of battery housings

Excellent insulation and flame-resistance minimizes fire risk


Concept for radar sensors with integrated thermal management

Combination of thermally conductive plastics with metallic cooling elements in hybrid technology


New design for electric vehicle charging inlets

Modular design based on customized material solutions

High hydrolysis resistance with plenty of benefits

PBT product range Pocan XHR is proving a practical all-rounder

IATF 16949 certficate

for Gastonia, NC plant and Porto Felize Brazil now available.

New Mobility

We, at LANXESS are well prepared.

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Durethan, Pocan and Tepex
Why plastic is a sustainable material

Easy-Flow and Xtreme-Flow Grades of PA and PBT

The next generation of Durethan (PA) and Pocan (PBT) grades with better flowability.
 _Overview of EF and XF Grades

Plastics in food contact

LANXESS Polymers and Food Contact in the United States.

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Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant PA and PBT Grades

Halogen-free grades of Durethan (PA) and Pocan (PBT) fulfill the standard IEC 60335-1 for household appliances.
 _Overview of Flame-Retardant Grades


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