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Fiber-optic cable sheathing made from Pocan B1700
Slimplug made of Pocan S7926 - innovative folding pin plug
SIM card holder made from Pocan B4235
Pocan DPBFN4230 for lampholders complying with the domestic appliance standard
Flame-retardant Pocan for housings and fan cowlings
Pocan DPT7140LDS for RFID transponder – three-dimensional antenna using LDS technology
Durethan DPBM65XFM30 for High-current circuit-breakers
Durethan DPAKV30FN00 for USB connector housings
Durethan BKV50H2.0EF Belt pulley
Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF for electric brush's gearbox housing

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