Pocan DP7139 for frame connectors

SupplierYazaki for TRW
Yazaki is a global company that works closely with all major car makers to produce a wide range of tailor made products, e.g. the vehicle frame connector shown above.
This component serves to connect the electro hydraulic motor pump aggregate (MPA) to the current supply and, in view of the life cycle of motor vehicles, must remain functional over a long term.

Yazaki chose Pocan DP7139 – a hydrolysis-stabilized PBT with 30 % glass fiber – due to the fact that weather-related influences such as moisture and temperature changes are expected in this area of application. Hydrolysis-stabilized grades are considerably more resistant to aging in a moist and warm environment than comparable standard products.

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Pocan DP 7139 for frame connector
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