Main Topic: Green Mobility

Green Mobility

GREEN MOBILITY Enabling the mobility of the future
The increasing level of global mobility requires new, sustainable solutions. As a technological leader in the field of specialist chemicals, we develop applications that make “Green Mobility” possible.

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Main Topic: Green Mobility

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eBook "Green Mobility - Driving Innovation"

eBook: Green Mobility

Does mobility, in the form that we know it, even have a future in view of the climate threat, scarce resources and challenges that urbanization poses for us? The answer is a re-sounding yes – if electromobility is sustainable. And it needs “green” materials to achieve this. This is the focus of the non-fiction book published by the specialty chemicals company LANXESS. It shows, using various innovative material developments, that the road to the zero emissions car is not as long as many might think.

Among other things, the book presents models for networked mobility and dedicates an extensive section to the current technology developments of international auto manufac-turers. In other chapters, these developments are contrasted to the materials and technologies that LANXESS has already marketed or is developing for “green mobility.”

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Lightweight Materials Fact Book

Fakt Book: Green Mobility - Innovative Lightweight Design

Lightweight construction is an important trend for the future – and especially in the automobile industry, a crucial aspect of sweeping change which is currently faced by this sector.
A Mini Cooper for example weighed 650 kilograms in 1959 – while a new model today already comes in at over 1,000 kilograms. New drive system concepts such as electromobility are going to further aggravate this trend – for example due to heavy on-board batteries.

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