Web Conference Worldwide - using netviewer®

Simply and safely: Online Consultancy from LANXESS. Often a telephone call is not suitable to explain a complex subject. A demonstration directly on the screen would be much more helpful.

Therefore you can use netviewer. It can be installed very easily. Look at your screen and follow what your LANXESS partner is showing you.

  • You have a telephone contact with your LANXESS partner
  • Your LANXESS partner starts the netviewer consulting program on his computer
  • _Download the consulting program and execute it.

  • Your partner tells you the session number. Enter this number in the relevant field in the customer program.
  • Click "OK" to start the connection. You are now presented with the screen of your LANXESS partner.
  • Your LANXESS partner cannot access your computer. He can only see your screen if you expressly grant permission.
  • You can see the other person's mouse movements on the screen, while he explains the application by phone.

For further information about netviewer please visit: