Technical Literature

Please find below in chronological order printable literature.  
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV60H2.0EF - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-092
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV50H2.0EF - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-091
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV50H2.0 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-090
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV40H2.0 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-079
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV15H2.0 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-077
LANXESS Pocan ECOB3235 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-078
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV30H2EF - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-156
Absence of SVHC candidates in Caprolactam
Absence of SVHC candidates in Durethan and Pocan
Absence of SVHC candidates in Glass Fiber
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