Technical Literature

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Statement PBT chemicals under TSCA Section 6(h)
Absence of SVHC candidates in Caprolactam
Absence of SVHC candidates in Durethan and Pocan
Absence of SVHC candidates in Glass Fiber
LANXESS Durethan ECOAKV30HRH2.0 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-093
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV60H2.0EF - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-092
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV50H2.0EF - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-091
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV50H2.0 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-090
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV40H2.0 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-079
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV15H2.0 - ecoloop EC-2021-EL-077
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