Processing advice Pocan (Injection molding)

The following information applies when the product is processed by injection molding. If other processing methods, such as extrusion, are used, then the parameters can differ considerably from the figures given here.


Care must be taken to ensure that the pellets are processed in a sufficiently dry state.

Permitted residual moisture content0.02%  
Drying temperature248 °F (120 °C)248 °F (120 °C)248 °F (120 °C)
Drying timeDry air dryer
1 - 4 h
Fresh air dryer
2 - 3 h
Circulating dryer
4 - 8 h

General injection molding conditions

 Pocan (PBT)Pocan (PET)
Melt temperature482 - 518 °F (250 - 270 °C)500 - 536 °F (260 - 280 °C)
Mold temperature176 - 212 °F (80 - 100 °C)212 - 266 °F (100 - 130 °C)
Permitted residence time4 - 8 minutes
FR grades: 4 -6 minutes
Blends: 4 - 6 minutes
Maximum circumferential velocity of screw0.3 m/s

The figures given are, if not mentioned otherwise, valid for standard grades without flame retardancy additives. The melt temperature for the easy-flow grades will generally be selected from the lower end of the range and the melt temperature for grades with poor flow from the upper end of the range.

Actual processing conditions will depend on machine size, mold design, material residence time, shot size, etc.

For specific processing data also consider the dedicated material data sheet.

You will find more information in our bulletin

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