LANXESS at K 2022

We would love to inform you about our products personally. Stop by at our booth C76 – C78 in Hall 6. We´re looking forward to welcome you.

Explore our new brochures here:

Cover LXS-HPM-078EN - Sustainability founded on climate neutrality and circular economy 2022-10 Cover LXS-HPM-074EN - Engineering plastics for New Mobility 2022-10
Sustainability founded on climate neutrality and circular economy Engineering plastics for New Mobility
Cover LXS-HPM-073EN - High-Tech Thermoplastics for the EE Industry 2022-08 Cover LXS-HPM-073aEN - Grades Overview for EE Industry Applications 2022-08
High-Tech Thermoplastics for the E&E Industry Overview applications with flame retardancy
Cover LXS-HPM-036EN - PA and PBT for flame retardant applications 2022-08 Cover LXS-HPM-026EN - RW Extrusion - 2021-01
PA and PBT for flame-retardant applications Reference Data: Film and Extrusion Grades, Base Resins
Cover LXS-HPM-077EN - Durethan LT and Pocan LT - 2019-09 Cover LXS-HPM-081EN - Nomenclature Durethan-Pocan-Tepex - 2022-10-10
Engineering plastics for laser transmission welding High Performance Materials Nomenclature
Cover LXS-HPM-075EN - Durethan TC - 2021-08  
Durethan TC – Thermally conductive PA for thermal management  
Cover LXS-HPM-072EN - Pocan XHR - 2019-09  
Pocan XHR - A new generation of hydrolysis-stabilized PBT compounds  
Cover LXS-HPM-082EN - Tepex - All around sustainable - 2022-10 Cover LXS-HPM-062EN - Tepex - Advanced thermoplastic composites - 2022-09
Tepex - All around sustainable Tepex - Advanced thermoplastic composites
Cover LXS-HPM-071EN - Tepex - Information for processors - 2022-10  
Tepex - Information for processors  
Glass Fiber
Cover LXS-HPM-048aEN - Glass Fiber portfolio - 2022-06  
Glass Fiber portfolio  
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