Our CAMPUS Plastics Database 5.2 - offline version

Here you can download the current CAMPUS database version 5.2.

Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards

  • CAMPUS is the internationally established database for plastic materials.
  • It is available from leading material suppliers world wide.
  • The plastics properties catalogue includes single-point data, multi-point data, processing data, product description texts and customer service information.
  • The main feature of the CAMPUS philosophy are the comparable data.
  • The properties are based on the international standards ISO 10350 for Single-Point data
    and ISO 11403-1, -2 for Multi-Point data.
  • You can select plastics grades for your specific application by using the query options.

More information:
load EXEPlease download the file (1.7 MB). Afterwards you can start the installation program.CAMPUS - LANXESS.exe
E-MailIf you have any additional questions, please contact us by e-mail.switch to DE

Important notice!
Please take care of regular updates for CAMPUS as well as the product data.
You will find the "WebUpdate" within the menu bar "help"
or you may use the WEBUPDATE.EXE file directly from your CAMPUS folder.

The current status for LANXESS products is 2018-12