Polyamid 6 und Polyamid 66 - product characteristics





Inherent color
Opaque, special grades transparent

Color range
In addition to natural and black, a whole range of opaque standard colors are available; special colors can be supplied on request.

Surface finish
High-gloss or textured, depending on the mold surface, high reproduction accuracy

Stiffness d.a.m (cond.)
Low: unreinforced, especially tough-modified grades; tensile modulus: 980 (210) MPa
High: particularly for GF grades; tensile modulus: up to 23,000 MPa (11,500) MPa

Shock and fracture resistance
High, depending on grade and moisture, elastomer modification gives good toughness even with a low moisture content, including at low temperatures

Dynamic load-bearing capacity

Chemical resistance and stress cracking behavior
Good, particularly to fuels, lubricants, solvents and cleaning agents

Heat resistance
High, 170 to 200 °C over the short term; 80 to 140 °C long-term, special grades up to 230 °C

Dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability
Good, depending on type and moisture content

Abrasion resistance

Electrical insulation
Good, dielectric strength: 25 to 45 kV/mm
Volume resistivity:
Standard: 1010 to 1015 Ohm·cm
Spec. grades with improved electric conductivity: 1 to 2·103 Ohm·cm
Tracking resistance index CTI: rating 425 to 600

Easy-flow, rapid solidification (short cycle times)

Other properties
Good mechanical and acoustic damping, low friction, good emergency running properties, good gas barrier properties (film grades)