Window insulating profiles in Durethan AKV325H2.0 - Greek profiles

SupplierFeror Plastics S.A. Kilkis (GR)
A new generation of insulating profiles for window frames has been introduced in Greece.

The insulation between the inner and outer aluminum profiles is achieved with the aid of insulating strips. These are required to fulfil a wide range of demands:

  • a heat resistance of up to 230 °C in order to withstand stove enameling of the aluminum profile
  • a coefficient of thermal expansion as similar as possible to that of aluminum
  • dimensional stability (tight tolerances of + 0.05 mm)
  • high mechanical strength for the friction-locked bond with the aluminum profile
  • chemical resistance to acids and alkaline solutions

Since the insulating strips are produced by extrusion, the melt setting speed has to permit a high take-off rate and must also allow sufficient time for the calibration/shaping process to be performed if an optimum profile quality is to be produced in a cost-efficient manner.

Durethan® AKV325H2.0 is ideally suited to this application, being a branched, structurally viscous PA 66, 25 % GF with a considerably higher viscosity than the linear PA 66 GF products in the low shear-rate range (< 100/sec). It is noted for its good processability and melt stability, as well as for its broad processing window; it additionally fulfils the mechanical and thermal requirements.

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