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You are looking for a contact regarding our products Durethan®, Pocan®, Tepex®, Glass Fiber and Caprolactam in your country?

The High Performance Materials (HPM) Business Unit can be addressed via e-mail

We will promptly answer your questions or forward them to the appropriate product or sales department. The person in charge will then respond as soon as possible.

You may also address the relevant product section directly using the following links:
Durethan (Polyamide) and Pocan (PBT); globalyE-mail
Durethan (Polyamide) and Pocan (PBT); for ChinaE-mail
Tepex (thermoplastic composite laminates)Website:Contact Bond-Laminates
Glass FiberE-mail
- Ammonium SulfateE-mail
- Sulfuric AcidE-mail
Further contacts:
IMDS (International Material Data System) entryE-mail
Safety Data Sheets (SDS, MSDS)E-mail
Ecology (Industrial & Environmental Affairs - Product Stewardship)E-mail
LANXESS general (Company website)Website:Contact LANXESS Company
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