Compliance to dedicated restrictions

Placing on the market and use of chemical substances is regulated by many directives. Statements as far as Durethan® and Pocan® are concerned you will find on this page.

Survey of the essential EC directives and ordinances as well as the appropriate statements
2000/53/EC confirmation2000/53/ECEnd-of-Life Vehicles Guideline
2002/95/EC (2011/65/EC) confirmation2011/65/EC (2002/95/EC)RoHS
2002/95/EC (2011/65/EC) confirmation2012/19/EC (2002/96/EC)WEEE
2003/11/EC confirmation2003/11/ECMarketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations
67/548/EEC confirmation67/548/EEC + 1999/45/ECClassification, packaging and labeling of dangerous substances
76/769 EEC confirmation76/769 EEC (2006/122/EC)Restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances
and preparations
94/62/EC confirmation94/62/ECCONEG-legislation - packaging and packaging components
SVHC confirmationREACH / ECHAAbsence of SVHC candidates in Durethan and Pocan
no use of several metalsgeneralAbsence of Gold, Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and their compounds (conflict minerals)
confirmationgeneralDurethan - Nonuse of various chemicals
confirmationgeneralPocan - Nonuse of various chemicals
htmlgeneralGlass fibers Confirmations
htmlgeneralCaprolactam Confirmations
htmlgeneralAmmonium Sulfate Confirmations
htmlgeneralSulfuric Acid Confirmations

In case of further questions referring to these subjects please contact PTSE-RARPS Product Stewardship.