Caprolactam - epsilon-caprolatam - ε-caprolactam

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Today most of the caprolactam is used for the production of fibers and filaments made of Polyamide 6, used in the textile and other industries.
Engineering plastics like e.g. Durethan® are another important market for caprolactam with a broad range of applications.

The picture shows an intake manifold made of Durethan BKV30H2.0, PA6 GF30

In addition to these main areas of applications, caprolactam is also processed by anionic polymerisation to produce cast polyamide articles. Caprolactam is also used in numerous special applications.

Examples for applications

  • Molded components
  • Carpets
  • Packaging films
  • Brushes
  • Fishing nets

Transport and Packaging

  • Tank container (liquid)
  • Tank truck (liquid)
  • Bags on pallet (solid)

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