Only with good ideas and solutions can you participate in continuous progress. Choose our innovative products and technologies in order to realize your innovative products.

BLUE + ECO grades

Series of grades with "green" label

Alternatives to PA66

We call it
Smart Engineering Plastics Solutions

New Mobility

We, at LANXESS are well prepared.

XTS stabilization

Special Durethan grades with
high-temperature stabilization

Grades for LED and lighting

Special grades with high reflectivity,
heat and UV stability as well as heat conductivity available.

Easy Flow / Extreme Flow

Lower wall thicknesses and shorter cycle times with increased flowability.

Lightweight design

... with high-tech plastics for
"green mobility"


You can count on our engineering expertise and the high-performance materials Durethan and Pocan.

Blow molding

Expanded Durethan range for blow-molded engine airflow systems

Hybrid - also using composite sheet

Weight saving solutions for the automotive industry.

Metal replacement

Highly reinforced (high-modulus) products for the substitution of metals and plastics specialities

Flame Retardant Grades

Durethan and Pocan grades fulfill the new standard IEC 60335-1 for house- hold appliances.


Polyamides for coolant pipes made by
GIT/WIT (gas/water injection technology)

Laser Direct Structuring

Pocan grades for an innovative process.