Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF - gear box oil pan - extremely flat, yet very stiff

Gear box oil pan
SupplierIBS-Filtran GmbH
Durethan® DPBKV60H2.0EF opens the door to new applications in automotive engineering for highly reinforced
polyamide 6 as an alternative to sheet steel, aluminum and glass-mat-reinforced thermoplastics.

This high-tech material is the material of choice because its extremely high stiffness ensures that the flanges are tight despite the very flat design of the oil pan.
The oil filter cover made of Durethan AKV30H2.0 can be welded to the sump very well and the resulting weld seam satisfies all tightness requirements.

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Durethan DPBKV60EF - Gear box oil pan
Durethan DPBKV60EF - Cárter de óleo de câmbio
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