Polybutylenterephthalat (PBT) and PBT blends - product characteristics





     PET (reinforced solely)



Natural color
Light ivory, opaque

In addition to uncolored and black material, a series of opaque standard colors is available. Special colors are also possible.

Surface finish
High-gloss or textured, depending on mold surface

High, 1,700 MPa unreinforced, particularly reinforced grades, tensile modulus up to 18,500 MPa

Impact and break resistance
High but notch-sensitive
elastomer-modified grades have good low-temperature impact strength

Resistance to dynamic loading

Stress crack resistance

Heat resistance
High; depending on grade
Short-term peaks from 160 to 210 °C (GF grades to 240 °C), permanent service temperature: 90 to 140 °C

Dimensional accuracy and stability
Good but not quite on the same level as amorphous thermoplastics

Abrasion resistance

Chemical resistance
Good; particularly resistant to fuels, lubricants, solvents and cleaning fluids

Electrical insulation Good
Good, dielectric strength: 20 to 35 kV/mm
Volume resistivity:
Standard: 1013 to 1016 Ohm·cm
Spez. grades with improved electric conductivity: 104 to 105 Ohm·cm
Comparative tracking index CTI: rating 175 to 600

Easy flow, rapid solidification, fast cycles

Other properties
Low moisture absorption, low surface friction