Innovative applications

Durethan BKV30H2.0 for brake pedal in polyamide composite sheet hybrid technology
Pocan B3233HR for motor-gear-unit housing of automated parking brake systems (APB)
Durethan AKV35H2.0 - engine oil pan
Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF - gear box oil pan - extremely flat, yet very stiff
Durethan DPBKV240 and Tepex for airbag housing
Durethan BKV20FN00 for monitor frame
Pocan B4235 - Booster module for start-stop systems
Durethan - hollow parts under the hood
Durethan AKV35H2.0 - Engine oil pan for trucks
Durethan BCF30X - Cover cap for door hinges
Durethan DPBM65XFM30 achieves Hazard Level 3
Durethan DPBM65XFM30 for High-current circuit-breakers
Durethan AKV325 - Blow-molded charge-air tubes
Durethan DPAKV30FN00 for USB connector housings
Durethan BKV50H2.0EF Belt pulley
Pocan DPT7140LDS used for steering wheel control switch
Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF - spare wheel well provides reinforcement to the body structure
Durethan AKV30HR - coolant expansion tanks
Durethan AKV35H2.0 SR1 - oil module
Durethan BKV30H2.0EF - PMH technology and over-molded composite plastic sheet
Durethan BKV315Z - thermoformed engine compartment hood
Durethan AKV35H2.0 - Filter housings for electrical discharge machines
Durethan BCF30XH2.0 used for fuel filter housing
Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF for oil filter wrench
Durethan DPBKV60EF - spring holder for overhead cabinet doors
Durethan DPAKV50HR for coolant manifold
Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF for electric brush's gearbox housing
Socket combination unit housing made from Pocan (PBT+PC)-Blend
Durethan BKV215 for window surround
Socket combination unit housings made from Pocan (PBT+PC)-Blend
Durethan BKV 30 HTS for air intake manifold
Durethan BKV50H2.0EF for mirror baseplate
Office chair back rest made from Durethan BKV130GIT
Pocan TS3220 for bumper
Electrical appliance motor housings made from Pocan T7391
Pocan B4235 for motor housings
Durethan DP1801/30 for massagers
Durethan DP1852/30 for barrel pumps
Electronic Junction Box made from Pocan T7391
Fiber-optic cable sheathing made from Pocan B1700
Insulation rings made from Pocan DP2004
Pocan B4215 and B4235 for lamp sockets
Pocan DP4035 used for reset lever for circuit-breakers
Pocan DPCF2200 covers of electrical housings
SIM card holder made from Pocan B4235
Slimplug made of Pocan S7926 - innovative folding pin plug
Surge Arresters made from Pocan B4215
VDE-certified Durethan DPA30SFN30 for rotary and flip switches
Vorwerk vacuum cleaners comply with Household Appliance Standard IEC/EN 60335-1
Pocan DPBFN4230 for lampholders complying with the domestic appliance standard
Durethan DP2802/30 for blenders
Electronics Housing for Washing Machine Control Panels using Durethan FR
Flame-retardant Pocan for housings and fan cowlings
Pocan DP2004 for electrical distribution boxes
Pocan FR in electric motors' parts
Pocan T7331 used for sports bow
Safety Circuit Breaker - High Flame Retardance without Halogens
Durethan DPBKV30XF for vacuum cleaner chasis
Thermoformed Durethan BKV315Z - Covers for ships' engines
Aluminium sled – Innovative folding mechanism made of Durethan BKV130
Pocan DPT7140LDS for RFID transponder – three-dimensional antenna using LDS technology
Air intake hose made from Durethan BKV315Z
Durethan BKV30 used for the first front end with aluminum hybrid technology
Durethan BM29XH2.0EF used for engine covers
GIT coolant pipe made from Durethan DP2-2224/30
Gearbox oil sumps made of Durethan AKV35H2.0
Jaguar door handle made from Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF - extreme stiffness
WIT coolant pipe made of Durethan DPAKV30XHREF
Plastic/Metal Hybrid - Front Ends in New BMW Models