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Thermoplastics normally display very low thermal conductivity. However, special applications, such as lighting fixtures, require good heat dissipation. For these applications, LANXESS has developed special, highly filled Durethan and Pocan grades with the following properties:

- High thermal conductivity (up to 4.5 W/mK)
- Electrically insulating

Some in combination with:

- High degree of whiteness and high reflection
- Flame retardance

We additionally have options for part testing and FEM analysis, as shown here in the example of

  thermal distribution

goto Link intDurethan BTC65H3.0EFPA 6 MD65Improved heat conductivity
goto Link intDurethan BTC67ZH3.0EF PA 6 MD67Improved heat conductivity
goto Link intDurethan BTC75H3.0EFPA 6 MD75Improved heat conductivity
goto Link intDurethan BTC77ZH3.0EF PA 6 MD77Improved heat conductivity
goto Link intDurethan BTC965FM30PA 6 MD68 FRImproved heat conductivity, improved light reflection, electrically isolating