Products for LED and lighting applications

The development of small, powerful and efficient LEDs is leading to mounting demands on the materials used to fabricate their housings and reflectors.

Growth market: LEDs

LEDs are the light source of the future. Their energy consumption is significantly lower than that of incandescent and discharge lamps, and their service life longer. Growing potential for their use exists, for instance, in electronic display backlighting, building lighting and streetlamps. They likewise will continue to become established in automotive lighting.

As economical alternatives in many LED applications, Durethan® and Pocan® grades offer the following advantages, among others:

- Virtually no yellowing when exposed to light and heat
- Suitability for vapor phase soldering
- Energy-saving processing

for the following fields of application:

LED ChipsLED housing + connectorLED thermal conductivity
LED chipsHousings and connectorsThermally conductive components
Main requirements (selection):
Very high reflectionHigh reflectionThermal conductivity
Lead-free solderingHeat and UV stabilityElectrical insulation

More information:
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