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Technical Literature

Please find below in chronological order printable literature.  
Tepex and Sustainability
LANXESS TDS Tepex dynalite102-RG
LANXESS TDS Tepex dynalite108
Reference Data: Film and Extrusion Grades (brochure - Russian version)
Pocan - declaration of conformity for food contact applications
Durethan and Pocan - Electrochemical Corrosion
Datos de referencia: Grados de extrusión y films (brochure - spanish version)
Dados de referência: Grades de Filme e Extrusão (brochure - portuguese version)
Reference Data: Film, Extrusion, Base Resins (brochure)
LANXESS Durethan ECOBKV35H2.0 - ecoloop EC-2020-EL-002
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