Tepex - Thermoplastic Composites

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Our thermoplastic high-performance composite Tepex® has established itself as a lightweight construction material for a wide variety of applications in large-scale series productions. Its consistent quality and the thermoplastic matrix make it ideal for fully automated and reproducible manufacturing and processing operations. Tepex® is used in automotive engineering, the sports industry, consumer electronics and various other sectors.

Tepex® is a group of composite semi-finished products that are fully impregnated, consolidated and plate-shaped. They are made of high-tensile continuous fibers (or long fibers in the case of Tepex® flowcore) and a thermoplastic matrix. These composite sheets can be processed into complex components in short cycle times through heating and subsequent forming.

Polymers offered:
- PA66
- PA6
- PP
- PA12
- PC (flame retardant)

Depending on the used matrix polymer the following fibers and weaving types are available:
- Filament glass weaving – twill 2/2 - 290 g/m²
- Roving glass weaving – twill 2/2 - 600 g/m²
- Roving glass weaving – plain 50/50 - 600 g/m²
- Roving glass weaving – plain 80/20 - 600 g/m²
- Upon request a multiaxial weaving layup is possible (no standard)
- Carbon weaving – twill 2/2 - 200 g/m²

More information:
open pdfTepex - Advanced thermoplastic composites Brochure