Innovative applications

Durethan DPBM65XFM30 achieves Hazard Level 3
Durethan DPBM65XFM30 for High-current circuit-breakers
Durethan AKV325 - Blow-molded charge-air tubes
Durethan DPAKV30FN00 for USB connector housings
Durethan BKV50H2.0EF Belt pulley
Pocan DPT7140LDS used for steering wheel control switch
Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF - spare wheel well provides reinforcement to the body structure
Durethan AKV30HR - coolant expansion tanks
Durethan AKV35H2.0 SR1 - oil module
Durethan BKV30H2.0EF - PMH technology and over-molded composite plastic sheet

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