High-modulus grade selection

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A large number of grades for different applications are available as high-modulus materials based on Durethan® and Pocan®.

The following list sets out the products together with their strong points: high stiffness and strength, as well as additional advantages like high hydrolysis resistance, flowability or surface finish.

DurethanProduct classPropertiesSample application
BKV240H2.0XCPPA 6 GF40improved impact strength 
BKV50H2.0EFPA 6 GF50easy-flowMirror baseplate
BKV50GH2.0EFPA 6 GF50easy-flow, improved surface finish 
DPBKV60H2.0EFPA 6 GF60easy-flowSpring holder for overhead cabinet doors
BKV60XFPA 6 GF60extreme-flow 
BG60XXFPA 6 (GF+GB)60extreme-flow, low tendency to warp 
DPAKV50H2.0EFPA 66 GF50easy-flow 
DPAKV50HRH2.0PA 66 GF50hydrolysis-stabilizedCoolant manifold
AKV60XFPA 66 GF60extreme-flow 
T7391PBT+PET GF45 Electric motor housings
Electronic Junction Box
T3150XFPBT+PET GF55easy-flow 

With 60% glass fiber reinforcement, highly-reinforced Durethan® DPBKV60H2.0EF achieves a very high modulus at high temperatures too. Being an easy-flow grade, it can still be processed as easily as a PA 6 GF30.
A high modulus, low tendency to creep, low warpage and good flow properties make this grade ideal for applications such as structural parts.

In the case of PA 66, both Durethan® AKV50H2.0 and the easy-flow variant of Durethan® AKV50H2.0EF are available.
Durethan® AKV50HRH2.0 with a considerably improved coolant resistance has been developed for intensive long-term contact with coolants.