Durethan and Pocan for metal substitution

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Highly reinforced Durethan® and Pocan® high-modulus materials offer many different options for replacing diecast materials, such as aluminum or zinc.

With a mechanical strength of up to 250 MPa, these materials exhibit strength properties equivalent to diecast aluminum. And, thanks to their considerably lower density, parts made from them can be made lighter with no loss of part performance, which once again leads to energy savings when they are in service. In addition, the greater freedom of design and the ability to configure more complex geometries makes it possible to integrate components and their functions in a single part. In addition to reducing the need for further investments (such as tools and machinery) this can also bring down processing and assembly costs and cut down on potential sources of error. Further cost advantages are possible, because the finishing work frequently required for diecast parts is no longer necessary.

Additional advantages include the high-quality surface finish, paintability without further pretreatment (if the component has not been produced in the desired color already), and good resistance to chemicals and corrosion.