Highly reinforced (high-modulus) grades for the substitution of metals

Rising costs for energy and metals are increasingly necessitating more weight- and cost-efficient designs.

Nowadays plastics more often replace metals. Due to this metal substitution not only weight can be saved (ligthweigth design) but also an increasing number of functions can be integrated in an individual application. Since cost-intensive finishing work, like painting, has to be avoided wherever possible, this then leads to more stringent requirements being placed on quality and surface finish.

With the high-modulus grades from its Durethan® and Pocan® product series, LANXESS is able to provide precisely the right solution here. Offering stiffnesses of up to 18,000 MPa and high strengths of up to 250 MPa, these grades attain values comparable with those of diecast materials and are thus eminently suited to the substitution of metals – especially for structural applications that are subject to a high level of stressing. Under certain conditions, expensive specialty polymers can also be replaced by Durethan® and Pocan®.

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Metal substitution with
Durethan and Pocan
over other plastics
Stiffness and cost
Product selection
and applications

Thanks to ultramodern and efficient material formulations, these materials with their high reinforcement levels
of 50% to 60% can generally be processed just as easily as a general-purpose grade with 30% reinforcement.

An overview of the key advantages:

  • high stiffness
  • high mechanical strength
  • potential for wall thickness reduction
  • good processability
  • better thermal conductivity, permitting earlier demolding
  • less warpage
  • reduced thermal expansion
  • lower tendency to creep
  • good surface finish despite high filling levels
  • good chemical resistance
  • substitution of considerably more expensive plastics
  • suitable for replacing metals in structural components

High-modulus grades - more literature
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Green Mobility

The ability to save weight in vehicles by using plastics such as Durethan®,
Pocan® and Tepex® leads to increased fuel efficiency and the associated
reduction in CO2 emissions.